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Our planners have extensive experience working in local councils. We understand how councils operate and we know how to communicate and negotiate with them effectively. We are highly experienced with commercial developments and complex residential developments and our staff have a unique combination of knowledge in planning, building compliance, property and development.

We understand the risks and challenges encountered in property acquisitions, starting commercial or hospitality businesses, management of small to large scale commercial properties and property development projects. We are highly experienced in the areas of property development, property investment, and the asset needs of any scale of business from small retail businesses to large scale commercial high-rise buildings.

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Our consultants have extensive experience in development assessment and building compliance. We specialise in heritage item and conservation area developments, commercial developments (retail, food and drink, licensed premises, late night trading, outdoor dining, pubs, hotels, colleges, office), planning and compliance due diligence and resolving compliance matters with Council (fire orders/compliance orders).

We are full members of Planning Institute of Australia